In the fall of 2018, I joined Brown's Human Computer Interaction Lab, as part of a project called SleepCoacher.
SleepCoacher is an integrated self-experimentation system that provides people with behavioral sleep experiments via an Android app. Users are guided through sleep recommendations that can be done by themselves, for instance, wear earplugs to sleep, and after some nights using the app, they get information about whether the experiment is helping them improve their sleep or not. 
Some of the app's screens:
I had 2 roles in the team: the first one was to develop SleepCoacher's Android App and add new features to it, in order to improve downloads and user retention rate. For that, I used Java, Android Studio, and XML.
My other role was researching new ways to improve self-experimentation: I interviewed several users to get quantitative and qualitative data about how they used the app, as well as information about their sleep habits and how they track different aspects of their routine in their daily lives. I analyzed this data and, together with my team, helped write a paper about our conclusions that was published this year in CHI 2020.
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